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Songs of Peace and Love

Vocals and Instrumentals
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"Songs of Peace and Love," brings us several more
contemporary favorites and Native American melodies on his trademark pan pipes
and bamboo and cedar flutes. This is his twelfth release, his third as a solo
Wayra brings a technique of strong, clean tones to his playing of the
traditional pan pipes and flutes. This release takes the native instruments 
into a new arena of music. Wayra and his "Songs of Peace and Love" are joined by
talented musicians Eric Holt, Rick Gordon and John Root from Nashville. When the
bamboo pan pipes and cedar flute blend with the acoustic guitar, piano,
synthesizer, drums and natural sound effects, a most unusual, original and
amazing sound comes forth.
This recording could never have been dreamed of without the assistance,
support and prayers of many people, who are the listeners over the past years.
Thank you for supporting my work and music...

  1. From This Moment (Shania Twain)
  2. Rain Song Traditional, Arranged by Wayra
  3. I'll Be There
  4. Shaman's Dance Traditional, Arranged by Wayra
  5. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Elton John)
  6. Closer To Far Away P Arranged by Wayra
  7. Annie's Song (John Denver)
  8. Invocation P Arranged by Wayra
  9. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You (Bryan Adams)
  10. Whisper Traditional, Arranged by Wayra

     Wayra Rodriguez:     Chromatic Pan Pipes, Quenacho, North American Cedar
                                        Flute, Acoustic Effects
     Eric Holt:                    Piano and Synthesizer
     Rick Gordon:             Acoustic and Classical Guitar
     John Root:                 Drums
     Marie Williams:         Background Vocals
     Scott Caldwell:          Background Vocals

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