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Colors Of The Wind
DRK 2640

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The Songs on this new CD are dedicated to our Creator,
our Mother Earth and the Great Spirit, with the hope that we as human beings
can all live in peace and freedom on this planet.

  1. Depois
  2. Colors of the Wind - "Pocahontas"
  3. Dawa
  4. The Prophet
  5. Love Mountain
  6. Stone Change
  7. Dreams of the Wind
  8. Lightning - "Relampago"
  9. Sunrise
  10. Shamboo Wokantonka
  11. Ghost Dance
  12. Five Spirits
  13. A-LA-HO-HO
  14. Wakantanka Vision

Wayra Rodriguez:        North American Flute, Acoustic Effects
Elar Gutierrez:         Voice, Quena, Quenacho, Zamponas
Emy Di' Mayz:           First Voice
Nancy Manchego:         Choruses
Roxanna Gutierrez F:    Choruses
Daniel Herrara:         Quenacho, Quena
Gonzalo Landazuri:      Piano, Synthesizer, Drums
Andrei Cuadra:          Guitar

Artists Invited:
Sixto Ayvar Alfaro:     Choruses
Wilber Ayvar Alfaro:    Voice, Choruses
Viterbo Ayvar Alfaro:   Voice, Choruses
Renzo Ayvar Alfaro:     Quenacho, Quena, Choruses
Lennin De La Torre:     Voice, Choruses
Victor Valle:           Chinese Flute, Quenacho, Choruses

First of all, I want to thank God for giving me again the opportunity
to do this project; without Him it would not have been possible.  I also
want to thank my brother Jesus Rodriguez, for helping me in this new

Special thanks to Group "Alborada" (Sixto, Lennin, Victor & Wilber);
who performed on this CD.  You all went the extra mile, and treated
this baby like it was your own.  Thank you. Thank you!
Thank you to all the incredibly nice people I've met on the road asking
when the new CD was coming out.....hope you like it!

I would like to dedicate this CD to my family; to the Butler Family at
Disc Duplication (Nashville, TN); to the Kaspersin family at Dynamic
Recording Studios (Rochester, NY); to Heidi Roberts; and to all Nations,
to all those who believe in me and give me hope throughout my
musical journey.........Thank you!!

Jaime Rodriguez ..."Wayra" .....The Wind

Recorded March 2006
J.R. Wayra Productions & Digital Studio
Recording and Mixing Engineered by Elias Picon

Edited and Mastered by Elias Picon
J.R. Wayra Productions & Digital Studio

Graphic Design by Pedro Mollocondo

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