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Inca Pacha and Wayra

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  1. Pachacamac* 2:41
  2. Mi Noche Triste 3:13
  3. El Condor Pasa* 3:25
  4. 4. Quilluaj 2:52
  5. Pajaro Chogui - Pájaro Campana** 3:44
  6. Raza Milenaria *4:56
  7. Huambritos 0:00
  8. California Dreaming 2:16
  9. Isla Saca 3:12
  10. Guantanamera ** 6:10
  11. Carnavalito * 3:52
  12. Inti Raymi 3:04
  13. Solo Te Pido 4:00
  14. A Time For US 6:25

* Performed by Los Tarumas
** Performed by Sumaq Taqi
My thanks to my brothers in music, Jesús Anglas and José Navarro, in Germany.

I would like to dedicate this new CD to my family in Perú, and my friends: Jackie (my Godmother) and David Kaspersin, Sharon Whaley, Chris Brazener, El Vate, Iphraín Vega, Omar (my auto mechanic), Venita, Joe, Consuelo, and Chuck, Roger and Birgit Robles, and all the people who feel the Spirit of Inca Music in their hearts.

Wayra, 1998

Father Sun, all life on earth
Threatens to lose itself,
And the plants refuse to grow.
Please listen to me before it's too late.
I look to you for hope.
Send the waters of your skies
That give life to the deserts.

Pity me, Pacha Mama (mother earth)
Give me water; I am thirsty,
And send my cloud sisters
To cover us with wind and rain. Inca poem

The traditional Andean instruments heard on this recording include 
the charango (a ten stringed, high pitched, guitar-like instrument),
siku (pipes), kena (flutes), 
rondador (pan of 24 pipes), bombo (rain stick), and Indian drums, as well as six string, twelve string and bassguitars, stand-up bass, violin, mandolin, synthesizer, and chimes.

Vengo de una Raza de montañas altas, I come from a race from high mountains,
Vengo de la cuna del Inca y del Sol.. I was born in a cradle of the Inca and the Sun.
No puedo olvidar a aquellos hermanos, I cannot forget those brothers
Que perdieron la vida; cual fue la razon? Who lost their lives; what was the reason?
Raza milenaria que no estás perdida, An ancient race that is not lost,
Vive y se despide con sangre y sudor. We live from the spirit, blood, and sweat
Vuelvo siempre al nido donde he nacido, We always return to the nest where we were born.
Vuelvo con mi pueblo que me vio crecer,I will come back with the people who saw me raised,
Donde soy dueño de alturas y valles, Where I own the heights and the prairies,
De muchas leyendas, que bellas que son. And many legends which are so beautiful.

Recorded 1996 in Germany and 1997 in the USA
Produced by Jaime Rodriguez (Wayra), P © 1998 Inca Pacha
Edited and CD Mastered By Chris Brazener at Dynamic Recording, Rochester, NY
Cover photo: Spirit Winds by Gale Winchel.
Catalog # DRK-175 Additional recordings available.

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