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Cover photo: Sacred Temple
in the ancient capital city of Machu Picchu.
The World Of The Andes
Wayra and Inca Pacha

Romantic melodies, upbeat flutes
& percussions, vocals on three selections
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  1. Susurro 3:38
  2. Yamor 5:55
  3. Tempestad 3:40
  4. Saya Primavera 4:11
  5. Mallku 3:38
  6. Jueves De. Otono 4:22
  7. Encuentros 3:22
  8. Jakuchi 4:09
  9. Theme From the Godfather 3:09
  10. Chuquiagu Ma 4:21
  11. Carnavalitos 3:08
  12. Dime Tu 3:22

Inka Pacha was founded in 1989 in Peru, South America.  
Each member of the group studied music at the University of Lima. 
The exotic sounds of traditional Incan music can be dated back as much
as five hundred years ago.  This represents one of the most preserved
forms of Native American culture.  Having played throughout Europe
(including Germany, Holland, and France), they have adapted some western
influences that have helped them forge their own definitive style.
The music of Inka Pacha is a rich cultural experience that
enlightens its listeners with stories of an ancient culture of the Andes mountains.
 The principal aim of our group  "INCA PACHA" is to cultivate the
native music of the ethnic groups Quechua and Aymara (Incas), to maintain
the traditions, customs, and individual languages of their heritage. These
two groups are the native communities of the Andes mountains of Peru, Bolivia,
and Ecuador. 
    Both Quechua and Aymara have their roots in cultures more than 1000 years old,
and they possess a remarkable musical history. The spiritual harmony of man, earth,
and the natural environment is a central theme of the musical traditions of the
indian villages. 
    Inca Pacha unites musicians from Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador, and here they offer
traditional and new melodies performed on the instruments of their heritage.
The expressive and soulful songs, some sung in the ancient languages, are
rhythmic and romantic the breath and heart of village life.
Recorded 1995 and 1996 Berlin, Germany Produced by Jaime Rodriguez (Wayra), P 1997 Inca Pacha
Edited and CD Mastered By Chris Brazener at
Dynamic Recording, Rochester, NY
Catalog # DRK-170 Additional recordings available.

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